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RuPay ATM cum Debit Card:

RuPay, a new card payment scheme launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), has been conceived to fulfil RBI’s vision to offer a domestic, open-loop, multilateral system which will allow all Indian banks and financial institutions in India to participate in electronic payments.


“RuPay”, the word itself has a sense of nationality in it. “RuPay” is the coinage of two terms Rupee and Payment. The RuPay Visual Identity is a modern and dynamic unit. The orange and green arrows indicate a nation on the move and a service that matches its pace. The color blue stands for the feeling of tranquility which is the people must get while owning a card of the brand ‘RuPay’. The bold and unique typeface grants solidity to the whole unit and symbolizes a stable entity.

Advantages of RuPay ATM cum Debit Cards:

RuPay Cards will address the needs of Indian consumers, merchants, and banks. The benefits of RuPay debit card are the flexibility of the product platform, high levels of acceptance and the strength of the RuPay brand-all of which will contribute to an increased product experience.

  1. Lower cost and affordability: Since the transaction processing will happen domestically, it would lead to lower cost of clearing and settlement for each transaction. This will make the transaction cost affordable and will drive usage of cards in the industry.
  2. Customized product offering: RuPay, being a domestic scheme is committed towards development of customized product and service offerings for Indian consumers.
  3. Protection of information related to Indian consumers: Transaction and customer data related to RuPay card transactions will reside in India. 
  4. Provide electronic product options to untapped/unexplored consumer segment: There are under-penetrated/untapped consumers segments in rural areas that do not have access to banking and financial services. Right pricing of RuPay products would make the RuPay cards more economically feasible for banks to offer to their customers. In addition, relevant product variants would ensure that banks can target the hitherto untapped consumer segments.
  5. Inter-operability between payment channels and products: RuPay card is uniquely positioned to offer complete inter-operability between various payments channels and products. NPCI currently offers varied solutions across platforms including ATMs, mobile technology, cheques etc and is extremely well placed in nurturing RuPay cards across these platforms.
  6. RuPay ATM cum Debit Cards can be used at any Point of Sales (PoS) terminals, e-commerce channels also.

RuPay Kisan Credit Card (KCC):

RuPay Kisan Credit Card was launched on 24th November 2012 in order to assist farmers. Under this scheme, credit is directly transferred into the farmers account so that purchase of necessary agriculture things such as fertilizers, pesticides etc. can be done faster pace.

Benefits of RuPay Kisan Credit Cards:

  1. Credit requirement of farmers can be met by this card
  2. Farmers can make business transactions/money withdrawal via over 1,00,000 ATM’s and PoS terminals
  3. There is no entry fee for the farmers. Whereas in case of Visa and Mastercard; there is a entry fee associated
  4. It is very secured as card owners need to apply PIN during every transaction
  5. Annual or quarterly charges are very low as compared to international cards such as Mastercard and Visa
  6. The biggest benefit of RuPay kisan credit card over normal kisan credit card is that the farmer don’t have to personally visit PACS or card issuing bank for operating the account
  7. Prompt and uninterrupted services
  8. Subsidy on fertilizer and diesel can be deposited in the crop loan account of the farmers

Where to Apply and How to Get RuPay Kisan Credit Card ?

RuPay Kisan Credit Card is issued by many public, private and co-operative banks. Farmers may approach to the nearest Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies(PACS) to avail RuPay KCC issued by Co-operative Bank.