Invest your money, get back it as income


Monthly Income Scheme(MIS):

             Our Bank offers to all resident individuals to open a "Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)" account in single/joint name/salong with premature withdrawal facility.


       Salient Features & Advantages: 

  1. True to its name, the scheme offers interest payable at the contracted rate every month, on the fixed deposit which is accepted for the period of three years
  2.  Interest is paid/credited to the Savings/Current account of the depositor on the same date of every month in which date the deposit is opened in a particular month. First such interest will be paid in the month, following the month in which the deposit is kept
  3. Minimum deposit must be Rs.25,000/-
  4. The deposit can be placed for 36 months
  5. Senior Citizens are offered additional interest of 0.50 % for the deposit
  6. Nomination facilities are available for this scheme
  7. TDS is applicable for the deposit